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Ever Wondered How To Build An Audience Who Believes In Your Message Just As Much As You Do?
Ready to make your competition irrelevant, even in the most oversaturated niches?
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Discover How To Successfully Sell Out Your Programs Without Even Bothering About The Competition

Discover How To Become The Leader Your Audience Has Been Looking For...

At the end of the Bootcamp you'll walk away with a complete system that actually positions you as THE authority in your field so you start naturally attracting the right audience & finally sell out your courses and programs

Made to Impact Bootcamp
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 Keep reading if you are serious about selling out your programs and want to learn about this “Cut-Through-The-Noise” concept (almost) everyone is ignoring…
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Attracting The Right Audience And SELLING OUT Your Courses & Programs Doesn’t Need To Be SO DAMN HARD

If you have a great course or a coaching program, but 
  • somehow you can’t seem to attract the right people who actually buy it
  • you’re just not making the kind of money that you want
  • you feel sick and tired of being overlooked, unheard, and ignored
  • ​you get paralyzed by the fear of judgement and rejection that pops up every time you want to share something online 
  • ​you constantly feel like you need to learn just one more thing before you take action instead of getting in front of your audience and well... make IMPACT and in the process...
… then you might be what I call The Unheard Course Creator and this bootcamp is just for you.

(IT'S TRUE) Every serious course creator and online coach needs to learn one major concept – the concept of distinction – and how to use it to make a bigger impact and sell out their courses and programs on autopilot.

Yet, this concept seems to be the most misunderstood and overlooked...


Made To Impact Bootcamp

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And If You KEEP IGNORING... It Just Gets Worse

I don't have to tell you that, if there's nothing different about you, there is no reason for someone to listen to you, let alone buy from you!

Most unheard course creators and online coaches facing low (or no) sales try every new “shiny object” approach that comes along.

… new video tools… new funnel and ad campaign strategies… the latest social media or sales page hacks… 
… and the list goes on and on. But for most, none of that works.
  • They’ve followed every guru’s advice out there, only to launch to crickets…
  • They put out awesome, but “scattered” content they’ve worked hard to create and wonder why no one is seeing or paying attention to it...
  • They don’t know how to articulate their solution in a way that people get it...
  • ​Most of them try to just mirror what others in their field are doing, but that leads to getting lost in the noise
  • ​And the vast majority have no clue how to create an impactful and cohesive messaging throughout their whole pre-launch and launch journey to actually build up demand & desire for their programs (before they ask for the sale)
You might have already discover that consistently sharing “vulnerable” content and how-to tips everyone can google, won’t sell out your course!

And you probably already know that just using the latest funnel strategy hacks won’t increase cash flow to your bank account!

Think about it! FULLY CONSIDER how many unheard course creators and online coaches follow these exact steps, yet they still AREN'T successful? 

How can you be an impactful leader when your audience can’t even hear you? 
... Let alone believe in what you have to offer...

And this may apply to you too, right now...

Can you think of a single person running a wildly successful online course or coaching business, but NOT following these same strategies?!

What are they doing differently? What have they figured out?



They follow the Concept of Distinction strategy.

Just look around at the leaders you already look up to. Can you point to any of them and say they haven’t positioned their brands clearly? That they don’t help people from a unique angle?

Do you think they manage to attract thousands of people and generate millions in sales WITHOUT learning how to effectively build authority and own their Expert status?

I wouldn’t tell you that if you want to achieve similar results, you’ll need to learn this same skill... 

Because positioning yourself and your brand in front of the right people with an effective and clear message is a skill, and not natural-born talent

It’s just like any other skill you’ve learned, like putting together a puzzle by following the manual. And Voilá, you too can assemble a compelling and beautiful picture.

Can you imagine having a manual, an easy framework to cut through the noise, build authority and create demand for your course or a program before you even launch it?

Imagine, there is a roadmap showing you EXACTLY what to do, how to do it and why so you can craft your own expertise in a single unique signature mechanism, in just 3 days.

No more overwhelm! 

No more wondering why no one pays attention to your content! 

No more feeling "drained" of being constantly on social media! You don't even need to talk about yourself online in order to connect with the right people EVEN IF you're introverted!!!

What difference would that make for your online course business? 

Can you imagine how much more impact and money would you be able to make? 

Psst... you don't even have to imagine any longer because...

Registration is currently closed!


Made To Impact Bootcamp

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You are about to discover how I can help you craft your expertise in a single unique mechanism that will position your course or a program as THE one-and-only viable solution to your people

Hi, I'm Peppa Georgieff, Founder of The Instrovert Impact Formula™ and not-so-secretly OBSESSED with understanding the psychology of messaging people rally behind. 

And I'd like to introduce you to…

The Made To Impact Bootcamp: My 3-day intensive bootcamp for unheard course creators & online coaches like you…

In just 3 days, using my Made To Impact Framework™, we’ll craft your unique signature mechanism, so you finally start owning your “Expert” status, get people’s attention and sell out your programs.

Your unique mechanism is your very unique method, the vehicle of how you get your hero (that’s your target avatar) from where she/he is (struggling) right now to where your hero wants to be/ who she/he wants to become. 

The Made To Impact Framework™ Is MORE than just helping you craft your expertise in a single unique system.

Sure, as you start using it consistently, your newly crafted unique mechanism will exponentially build your authority, capture your audience attention and make your competition irrelevant…but that's not all

When you finish this Bootcamp, you’ll walk away with a completed unique mechanism that will help you:
  • Position your offers as THE one-and-only logical solution 
  • ​Stand out in your marketplace and make your competition irrelevant (even in the most saturated niches)
  • Finally start creating demand & desire for your course or a program even before you ask for the sale
  • Confidently sell your stuff without feeling pushy or sleezy
  • ​Become The Impactful Course Creator
As you begin using your unique mechanism unapologetically, you’ll be able to add more money to your bottom line, and live the life you love.

I make this promise because I’ve seen it work in my own online business and in my client's businesses as well.

No more inconsistent messaging that misses the mark
Having a unique-system for my online course has been a GAME-CHANGER! No more wondering what to talk about, or if the content I create will attract the right audience. No more inconsistent messaging that misses the mark. After working one-on-one with Peppa I finally have a crystal-clear message and framework that ensures any precious time I spend on my content will be very well spent!
- Alexis Buhrman, Coach and Founder of The 48-Hour Planning Retreat©

Made To Impact Bootcamp

  Make Sure Your Sound Is Turned ON! (Please Wait For Video To Fully Load)

Made To Impact Bootcamp

  Make Sure Your Sound Is Turned ON! (Please Wait For Video To Fully Load)
And as entrepreneurs myself, I know you're busy and I respect your time.
So, when you join, we’ll immediately get down to the Made To Impact Blueprint showing you exactly what to do, how to do it, and why, without fluff.

When You Join The Made To Impact Bootcamp, You’ll Unlock:

3-Days of LIVE trainings (45 minutes each) with me personally to help you identify and craft your unique angle process, the unique mechanism you’ll become known for and the foundation for everything you are going to create so you finally start building authority, cut through the noise and generate more sales.

Here’s a glimpse of what you get when you join the Made To Impact Bootcamp, and what you’ll discover in each of the trainings…

Day #1: Discover The Ripple Effect ... Aspiration

In day 1 we're going to set the stage for aligned leadership – how your solution is relevant to your people and why should they care

  • Identify what you stand for, the vision people will rally behind
  • Define what your audience actually wants
  • Uncover the roadblocks that keep them stuck and away from getting what they want
  • ​Craft your big idea and the ripple effect caused by it
  • ​Discover how to measure the impact you want to make

Day #2: Define Your Heroes ... Relevancy

In day 2 you're going to learn how to build the right bridge between your audience and your solution without wasting time & energy on creating content  that no one cares about

  • Discover how to actually attract the right people at the right time so they actually get it 
  • Dive in deeper into your hero's journey ... the right way
  • Create identities for your heroes... yes, you're going to have two... ;)
  • ​Define where and how they intersect with THE unique solution you offer
  • Learn why this is critical for effective messaging.

Day #3: Craft Your Expert’s Edge ... Advantage

In day 3 we're going to define your unique angle expertise. Your newly crafted mechanism will become the core of your business and every PIECE OF content you will create.

  • Identify the ingredients of your mechanism
  • Get clear on how your solution performs what you claim it does.
  • Draw the bridge – laid out your unique system in a clear, easy-to-understand formula
  • ​Give your mechanism an appropriate name
  • ​​Discover how to talk about your mechanism so you create demand & desire for your course or a program even before you launch it

Registration is currently closed!

Do The Math…

If you were to go out and try to get all the information and trainings about how to make your competition irrelevant, own your Expert status and sell out your programs with ease on your own, it would cost you
upwards of $10,000 or more…
And that’s NOT an exaggeration.

If you have the time to take all the courses, read all the books and watch all those YouTube video you come across…
Spending countless hours each and every week, just to notice a tiny fraction of improved engagement on your platforms or filled a few more seats for your program over the course of an entire year…

Not to mention the frustration and confusion you’d get from all the conflicting tips and strategies everyone from the "Gurus" to your peers are putting out nowadays.

However... If you could have transformed your marketing with those conflicting books and videos you would have already sold out your course or coaching, would you not?

And I know if you do the work, and follow the Made To Impact Framework™, you will, without a doubt, craft your unique mechanism that will help you make your competition irrelevant so you get the right people’s attention and confidently sell out your programs without feeling sleazy..

YOU Are Now At A Crossroads…

Imagine you have a proven unique system that...
  • Gives you the ability to serve more people... while working less
  • Helps you create a unique structure to pull from every time you create something for your people
  • Make it easy for you to communicate exactly what you stand for so your audience will rally behind
  • Gets better results for your students so you make a bigger impact in their lives
  • ​Enables you to do what you love AND become known for it

So Here’s The Deal I’m Making With You Right Now…

My promise to you is laying out the most effective path for positioning your solution as the go-to “cure” in your field … but nothing works unless you use it long term.

And if you’re not willing to do the work, you’ll be wasting both our time.

Look: unless you take action now, you may NEVER take action...

Have you thought about what happens if you keep doing what you’ve been doing?

Have you fully considered what will happen a year from now if you continue holding onto those ineffective strategies?

Are you willing to risk falling further behind?

The choice is yours.

You can keep trying to watch all the conflicting youtube videos and order every new online marketing book while crossing your fingers and hoping people find you...


You can join the Made To Impact Bootcamp and learn the same skills successful online entrepreneurs have mastered to clearly position their solutions in front of the right people, make a bigger impact and generate more money in the process... 

When you choose the latter, I cannot wait to work with you in the Bootcamp.

And to make the decision even EASIER for you…

If for some unusual reason you feel like you haven't gotten at least 10X the value of your investment by the end of day 1 ($470 in money-making content, ideas, and instructions)...

Or even if you DON'T like the sound of my German-Bulgarian accent..

I’ll cheerfully and promptly refund your investment in full.

Email me by 8:59am EST on Day 2 for a full refund.
This bootcamp is only open for a limited time. (actually the next time will be somewhere in 2021.) I'm also raising the price after the Early Bird period ends. 
So click the big pink button below now and claim your ticket for the lowest price it will ever be.

Bootcamp dates: December 7th - December 9th

All training calls are happening at 11 am ET

Grab This Opportunity before it flies away for good in...

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

Have a burning question? Here are a few I covered for you in advance

  I haven't created my course or a program yet. Will this work for me?

Absolutely! This bootcamp is designed to help craft your signature system so no matter where you are in your course creation journey, learning how to position yourself, attract the right people and stand out from your competition will give you the ability to start creating demand & desire for your program even before you launch it..

  Where is this bootcamp happening?

It's all going down inside our pop-up Facebook group!

  Will I be able to ask you questions?

You bet! I'll be teaching inside our pop-up Facebook group and there to answer any questions you have throughout the bootcamp. I'll also be hosting a few Q&A sessions throughout!

  What if I can’t make it live? 

I highly encourage you to block time and attend live so you can take action NOW, and NOT one day, some day. But I understand that life happens sometimes. So, don’t worry about it! If you can't attend each day live, you will get FULL ACCESS to the replays (as long as the bootcamp is running only) inside the group so you can still complete the bootcamp and watch or re-watch the trainings. However, I’ll be popping up and answering questions live, so I recommend to show up and make the time! If you don’t prioritize your biz now, when will you?

  I don’t have the courage to show up and be seen. For an introvert, that's terrifying.

I absolutely understand where you are because I was there as well. As an introvert myself, I know how hard it can be to stand up, engage with people and polarize let alone sell your products. That’s EXACTLY I created this bootcamp to help course creators and online coaches like you, have a proven system to pull from every time they show up, market to or connect with their audience and own their “Expert” status with ease.

  I don’t have the time for this right now. Can I join later?

Well, we all have the same amount of time in a day, from your local bread baker to Richard Branson. And we all make the time for that which is important for us. Are you saying selling out your programs and showing up for your audience isn’t a priority for you? What would it change if you did make it a priority?

  I hate selling. Selling is sleazy and bad.

If you are in business, selling your offers is inevitable, so you can generate money and keep it running, right? Otherwise, you have a hobby. Let me ask you this: If you could help even one person and make her or his life easier with what you offer and make $ 1.000 as you do it, would you continue hating this process? What if you help 1.000 people and earn $ 100.000 out of this? What if you hire a team to help you impact even more people and impact the lives of your team’s families in the process as well? Would you still hate to sell? What if you shift from “selling is sleazy” to “selling is serving? What will that make possible for you?
Have more questions around the Bootcamp? Reach out to and I'll be happy to help.

Registration is currently closed!

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